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Hi I'm Lane and I work at a book store.

I draw and write(ha ha if u could call it that) and like to make friends. I like video games, TV shows, and anime. So that's basically what you'll be seeing here. Pretty soon I'll add a list of all my fandoms/an about page/whatever.

If you need me to tag something, let me know! I try to tag all of my posts accordingly.
The bad guy wins
this is when the bad guy
Literally my entire B&N experience. So many old women in love with me.

why are we not using this super power to get free cookies

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so many old ladies told me i’m cute today

why are u not single people my age telling me that i am cute wtf

am i like only cute to old people

what the fuck

An attractive customer accidentally held my hand it was nice

I’m like??? Things r not great and I’d like to talk about it but also not

Feelings blogging 2k14

me to myself: chill

Cries about sound decision I made like 3 months ago

I’m insecure and too embarrassed to be seen without a wig lmao

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Things to Imagine Your Ship(s) Doing


  • Them resting together and talking to each other before falling asleep.  Bonus if one half gets the other to run their hand through their hair and down their back.
  • Forehead touching.
  • Stroking one’s head in that way where their hand lingers on their cheek or jaw, and giving them a soft smile.  
  • Slow, shy kissing that eventually just ends up being really calming and nice to both of them.
  • One person doing or talking about something they enjoy greatly whereas their partner just stares at them with a small smile and slight laugh because wow what a cutie their partner is.
  • Hugs around the waist from behind and nuzzling their neck while talking as casually as ever.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Playful arguing that leads to playful, harmless elbows shoving into their sides while they laugh at each other and themselves.
  • Gazing up at the night sky while laying down on theirs and pointing out different stars and holding hands and shifting closer to one another.
worthless protagonist 2014

worthless protagonist 2014

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